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Trident CT Internal Standard Kit (60-703-1179)

Trident ConstantTorque™ (CT) kit for adding internal standards into all models of ICP spectrometers

Full product description
Producer: Glass Expansion
Product code: 60-703-1179
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Full product description

The Trident CT™ mixing chamber is based on the industry proven design of the Trident, but with the addition of Glass Expansion’s ConstantTorque™ (CT) technology to provide a simple-to-use, leakfree connection for both the internal standard and sample, every time.


The Trident CT provides a simple, easy and error-free way to continuously add internal standards or ionization buffers in ICP spectrometry.




Trident CT Features:

•             Compact, efficient mixing chamber ensures complete mixing of the sample and reagent.

•             CT fittings for a durable, leak-free seal on all connections.

•             Zero dead volume connections.

•             Completely modular kit so that damaged or lost components can easily be replaced.


CT Mixing Chamber:

The heart of the Trident CT kit is the mixing chamber, designed with zero dead volume CT fittings.


60-703-1119: CT Mixing Chamber


With other mixing chambers, worn or improperly fitted connections leak, injecting a stream of air bubbles into the nebulizer flow, which degrades short-term analytical precision (%RSD). By using CT ratchet style fittings, the Trident CT eliminates air leaks, optimizing analytical performance.


Trident Internal Standard kit for HF solutions: 60-808-1124


60-808-1187: Internal Standard Sample Probe

70-803-0748: Ferrule 1.3mm (PKT. 10)

70-803-0749: Ferrule 1/16 (PKT. 10)

70-803-1350: Ratchet Connector

60-703-1119: CT Mixing Chamber

70-803-1870: Connector Tube with 1/4-28 fitting 0.25mm x 700mm (PKT. 3)

70-803-1871: Connector Tube with 1/4-28 fitting 0.5mm x 700mm (PKT. 3)

EZT-16-50-300: EzyFit Sample Tube 1/16 OD X 0.50mm ID X 300mm (PKT. 10)

NFT-16-50-300: UniFit Sample Tube 1/16 OD X 0.50mm ID X 300mm (PKT. 10)


OEM: 5000-089; 13-410-593; 418-13-410-593

Typ Název Velikost Stáhnout
364,7 KiB
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