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Spectro ICP-OES: Arcos II EOp, Blue EOP/TI & Green TI

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Glass Expansion

Spray Chamber, Tracey, Borosilicate Glass, Cyclonic, 50mL, with CT Helix, Spectro/Thermo

Spray Chamber for Spectro ICP-OES: Arcos II EOP, Blue EOP/TI & Green TI; Arcos II SOP, ...

Obj.kód: 20-809-2665HE
Glass Expansion

Argon Humidifier Elegra, Spectro

For Spectro ICP-OES: Arcos II EOP, Blue EOP/TI & Green TI

Obj.kód: 70-803-1271
Glass Expansion

Gas filter Guardian DC in-line non-return

For all ICP instruments.

Obj.kód: 70-803-1942
Glass Expansion

Helix Seal (4 pcs)

Helix Seal for spray chamber

Obj.kód: 70-100-0237
Glass Expansion

Magnifier Inspection Tool

Magnifier Inspection Tool with built in LED

Obj.kód: 70-803-1923
Glass Expansion

Carbon Probe, PTFE, 0.75 mm ID, CETAC

Carbon Probe for autosampler Cetac ASX-200/500/800 Series

Obj.kód: 70-803-1443

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