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TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers

Glass Expansion has four decades of experience manufacturing sample introduction components for ICP-MS and has earned a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability.

Continuing this tradition, we are pleased to announce the release of our TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers Product line. Nebulizers, torches, RF coils, cones and maintenance tools.

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Glass Expansion

Magnifier Inspection Tool (70-803-1923)

Magnifier Inspection Tool for ICP users with built in LED

Obj.kód: 70-803-1923
Glass Expansion

MicroMist HE U-Series Nebulizer 0.2mL/min, used for single-cell analysis of biological materials (C21-1-UFT02)

Nebulizer for TOF-ICP-MS

Obj.kód: C21-1-UFT02
Glass Expansion

High Pressure Nebulizer Interface Kit (FT-16-8-X)

Nebulizer Interface Kit TOF-ICP-MS 

Obj.kód: FT-16-8-X
Glass Expansion

Nickel Sampler Cone (FL9001-Ni)

For TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers

Obj.kód: FL9001-Ni
Glass Expansion

Skimmer/Reducer Cone Assy, Nickel (FL9005)

For TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers

Obj.kód: FL9005
Glass Expansion

O-rings, Viton Sampler Cone (PKT 5) (70-803-1565)

For TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers

Obj.kód: 70-803-1565
Glass Expansion

O-rings, Viton Skimmer Cone (PKT 5) (70-803-1564)

For TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometers

Obj.kód: 70-803-1564

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