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PrepAid® binders

SPEX PrepAid® binders can by blended with sample at 10-25% by weight to form XRF sample disk, or used undiluted as sample matrix with Sleeve-and-Plunger Set. Will bond 200-250 disks or provide matrix for 25-35 supported sample disks.

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Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Cellulose Binder Prep-Aid®

Cellulose Binder, ≤ 20 μm powder Available as a 150g and 450g bottle.

Obj.kód: 3642
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Paraffin Binder® Prep-Aid®

Paraffin powder with a particle size of less than 30 µm. Available as a 150g and 450g bottle.

Obj.kód: 3646
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

UltraBind® Prep-Aid®

Specially formulated UltraBind® powder with a particle size ≤ 20 μm. Available as a 150g and 450 ...

Obj.kód: 3644
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

UltraBind® Tablets

UltraBind® Tablest, 0,5g per one tablet Available in jars of 500 or 1 500 tablest.

Obj.kód: 3644T

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