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Single-Cell Kit

In single-cell analysis, the sample introduction system converts a continuous stream of biological cells efficiently into an aerosol of individual cells and transfers the aerosol into the Inductively Coupled Plasma of the ICP-MS for analysis. A critical aspect of the sample introduction system is the cells must remain intact and unruptured during the nebulization process to ensure each individual cell produces a single ion burst inside the plasma that can be transferred into the mass analyser of the ICP-MS for quantification.

Glass Expansion have developed a Single-Cell Sample Introduction System (SC-SIS) – Single Cell Kit for SC-ICP-MS.

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Glass Expansion

Single Cell Kit, Agilent (KT-1155)

Single Cell Kit for Agilent ICP-MS: 7900 ICP-MS: 8900 ICP-MS: 7800/7850 ICP-MS: 7700/ ...

Obj.kód: KT-1155
Glass Expansion

Single Cell Kit, PerkinElmer (KT-1204)

For ICP-MS PerkinElmer NexION 300/350

Obj.kód: KT-1204
Glass Expansion

Single Cell Kit, Thermo (KT-1172)

Single Cell Sample Introduction System for Thermo ICP-MS

Obj.kód: KT-1172
Glass Expansion

Single Cell Kit, Thermo (KT-1213)

For ICP-MS Thermo X Series.

Obj.kód: KT-1213
Glass Expansion

Single Cell Kit, Thermo (KT-1215)

For ICP-MS Thermo ELEMENT & Neptune.

Obj.kód: KT-1215
Glass Expansion

Single Cell Sample Introduction System, PerkinElmer (KT-1184)

Pro ICP-MS PerkinElmer NexION 1000/2000/5000.

Obj.kód: KT-1184

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