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As the one-stop shop in fusion and the world leader in the production of fluxes, Claisse develops high-quality chemicals that are easy to use and that ensure no contamination.
Claisse lithium borate fluxes are homogeneous and made of spherical vitreous beads. Offered in two grades of purity (pure 99.98+% and ultra pure 99.995+%) and available with or without non-wetting agents, they:

Use Claisse lithium borate fluxes to:
    Avoid crystallization
    Reduce the incidence of glass sticking to the platinumware
    Avoid cracking

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Flux - Lithium Tetraborate

Obj.kód: C-0600-00

LiT/LiBr 99.50/0.50

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Bromide 99.50/0.50

Obj.kód: C-0600-60

LiT/LiBr 99.0/1.0

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Bromide 99.0/1.0, 1kg

Obj.kód: C-0600-63

LiT/LiI 99.50/0.50

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Iodide 99.50/0.50

Obj.kód: C-0600-70


Flux - Lithium Metaborate

Obj.kód: C-0610-00

LiM/LiBr 98.50/1.50

Flux - Lithium Metaborate/Lithium Bromide 98.50/1.50

Obj.kód: C-0610-66

LiT/LiM 50.0/50.0

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Metaborate 50/50

Obj.kód: C-0620-00

LiT/LiM/LiBr 49.75/49.75/0.50

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Metaborate/Lithium Bromide 49.75/49.75/0.50

Obj.kód: C-0620-60

LiT/LiM/LiBr 49.50/49.50/1.00

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Metaborate/Lithium Bromide 49.50/49.50/1.00

Obj.kód: C-0620-63

LiT/LiM/LiI 49.75/49.75/0.50

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Metaborate/Lithium Iodide 49.75/49.75/0.50

Obj.kód: C-0620-70


Flux - Sodium Tetraborate

Obj.kód: C-0630-00

LiT/LiM 67/33

Flux - Lithium Tetraborate/Lithium Metaborate 67/33

Obj.kód: C-0640-00
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