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Aluminium cups for pressing

Spex SampePrep® Spec-Caps® are shallow, thin-walled aluminium cups which are routinely used in the production of pressed powder sample disks for OES, XRF, and other analytical techniques. The Spec-Cap® forms the bottom and sides of the finished pellet. Thus reinforced, sample disks are resistant to chipping and breaking, and are more easily handled, marked, and stored than unclad disks.

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Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Spec-Caps®, 30 x 8mm  (3619)

Dimenison: 30mm wide x 98mm deep, for 3623 die.

Obj.kód: 3619(M)
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Spec-Caps®, 33 x 8mm (3615)

Dimenison: 33mm wide x 8mm deep, for 3616 die.

Obj.kód: 3615(M)
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Spec-Caps®, 38 x 9mm  (3617)

Dimenison: 38mm wide x 9mm deep, for 3614 die.

Obj.kód: 3617(M)
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Pre-Flared Spec-Caps®, 31 x 8mm  (3619A)

Dimenison: 31mm wide x 8mm deep, for 3623 die. Preflared and unpainted surface.

Obj.kód: 3619A(M)
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Edge-Flaring Tool (30 mm and 40 mm) (3618)

Tool for flaring the edge of Spec-Caps®

Obj.kód: 3618
Cole-Parmer (SPEX)

Edge-Flaring Tool (35 mm) (3625)

Tool for flaring the edge of Spec-Caps®

Obj.kód: 3625

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