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Graphite parts

Graphite furnace technology provides highest sensitivity and exceptional accuracy for detection of trace elements. The purity of the graphite tube and its extreme temperature resistance are the basis for reliable and accurate analytical results.

These graphite parts set the benchmark for analytical applications in all spectrometers worldwide: exceptional temperature resistance, highest purity and unreachable lifetimes.

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Tube, pyrocoated, 10 pc

Graphite cuvettes, pyro coated, (not ridged). 56UN004 recommended!

Obj.kód: 56UN001

Tube, uncoated, 10 pc

Graphite cuvettes, ridged and uncoated.

Obj.kód: 56UN002

Tube, pyrocoated, halfrings 10 pc

Graphite cuvettes, ridged and pyrocoated.

Obj.kód: 56UN004

Tube, pyrocoated - LONGLIFE  10 pcs

ELC - extended lifetime cuvettes (partridged tube, thicker pyro coated with halfrings), recommended ...

Obj.kód: 56UN006

Tube, pyrocoated, forked platform,  10 pcs

Pre-inserted forked platform cuvette, pyrocoated. Recommended for samples with salt matrix.

Obj.kód: 56UN007

Tube, pyrocoated with Omega platform, 10 pcs

Obj.kód: 56TEUOP

Contacts, Zeeman Electrode, set of 2 pcs

Obj.kód: 56UN011

Contacts, standard electrode, set of 2 pcs

Obj.kód: 56UN012

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