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Graphite parts

Graphite furnace technology provides highest sensitivity and exceptional accuracy for detection of trace elements. The purity of the graphite tube and its extreme temperature resistance are the basis for reliable and accurate analytical results.

These graphite parts set the benchmark for analytical applications in all spectrometers worldwide: exceptional temperature resistance, highest purity and unreachable lifetimes.

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NanoSPEC Platform Tube (pk/10)

NanoSPEC platform tubes designed for Varian instruments

Obj.kód: 030-110-025

Tube, pyrocoated, with rings, 10 pcs

Obj.kód: 56VA002

Tube, pyrocoated, with rings, LONGLIFE, 10 pcs

better coating, recommended for over-night-runs

Obj.kód: 56VAEL2

Plateau-tube, coated, 10 pcs

also for use with bone platform

Obj.kód: 56VA003

Bone-Platform, 10 pcs

Platforms, solid pyrolytic graphite (for plateau tube)

Obj.kód: 56VA004

Tube, uncoated, with rings, 10 pcs

Obj.kód: 56VA005

Tube, coated, with Omega-platform, 10 pcs

Obj.kód: 56VA010

Plateau-tube, uncoated, 10 pcs

also for use with bone platform

Obj.kód: 56VA033

Electrodes / contacts for SpectrAA, set of 2 pcs

Obj.kód: 56VA006

Zeeman-Contacts, set of 2 pcs

Obj.kód: 56VA007

Shroud for SpectrAA

Obj.kód: 56VA008

Zeeman Shroud

Obj.kód: 56VA009
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