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SNOM fiber probes withou tuning fork, MF004/10

SNOM fiber probes without fork.

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Full product description

SNOM fiber probes without fork. 10 probes per package.


Material: single mode optical fiber Nufern 405HP

Tip of the probe coated by Al (70 nm)/undercoat Cr (20 nm)

Aperture (uncoated by Al): 50 - 100 nm

Fiber angle: ~20°

Maximum optical power: 400 microWatt

Tip formed by chemical etching.

Fiber length: 2 meters

Uncoated tip length: 7-8 mm


Geometric and mechanical specifications of the fiber:

Shell diameter: 125 ± 1,5 um

Coating diameter: 245 ± 15 um

Concentircity of core-shell: < 0,5 µm

Coat / shell displacement: ≤ 5 µm

Coating material: UV Cured, Dual Acrylate

Operational temperature: -55 to +85 °C

Diameter of short term bending: ≥ 6 mm

Diameter of long term bending: ≥ 13 mm



MF001/10 - basic Nufern fiber 405-HP, optical wavelength 400-550 nm, Second Mode Cut-Off 370 ± 20 nm

MF002/10 - basic Nufern fiber 460-HP, optical wavelength 450-600 nm, Second Mode Cut-Off 430 ± 20 nm

MF003/10 - basic Nufern fiber 630-HP, optical wavelength 600-770 nm, Second Mode Cut-Off 570 ± 30 nm

MF004/10 - basic Nufern fiber 780-HP, optical wavelength 780-970 nm, Second Mode Cut-Off 730 ± 30 nm

MF005/10 - basic Nufern fiber 980-HP, optical wavelength 980-1600 nm, Second Mode Cut-Off 920 ± 30 nm

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