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Single Cell Kit, Agilent (KT-1155)

Single Cell Kit for


  • ICP-MS: 7900
  • ICP-MS: 8900
  • ICP-MS: 7800/7850
  • ICP-MS: 7700/8800

Full product description
Producer: Glass Expansion
Product code: KT-1155
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Full product description

Single Cell Sample Introduction System for Agilent ICP-MS


Glass Expansion have developed a Single-Cell Sample Introduction System (SC-SIS) for SC-ICP-MS which consists of a:

  • High efficiency, low uptake, concentric glass nebulizer designed to efficiently nebulize single-cell suspensions without compromising cell integrity

  • Low volume, on-axis, laminar-flow spray chamber directly coupled to the ICP for the highest transport efficiency of the nebulized single-cell suspension

  • Patent pending MicroJet gas adapter which entrains and shapes the aerosol plume to reduce cell deposition onto the spray chamber walls and increase sample transport efficiency

  • An instrument specific mounting bracket to support and install the SC-SIS Kit, ensuring proper alignment of the laminar flow spray chamber


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