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IsoMist XS Kit for PerkinElmer Avio 200/500 Series (KT-1147-XS)

IsoMist™ Spray Chamber for


  • ICP-OES: Avio 200/500

Full product description
Producer: Glass Expansion
Product code: KT-1147-XS
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Full product description

The IsoMist XS builds off of the legacy IsoMist and IsoMist XR line of Glass Expansion's industry leading compact, programmable, temperature-controlled, cyclonic spray chambers. The IsoMist XS maintains the powerful electronic Peltier that enables cooling or heating the spray temperature in a range of  -25°C to +80°C, programmable in 1.0°C increments, while maintaining a stability of +/- 0.1°C. From ambient temperature, 0°C can be achieved in less than 15 minutes. The IsoMist XS also preserves the user friendly, stand-alone software control for easy start up and temperature control and monitoring.


NEW to the IsoMist XS is a completely inert back plate, providing enhanced chemical resistivity. The IsoMist XS is also now controlled via an ethernet cable enabling superior connectivity and control via the instrument PC. An optional ethernet to USB dongle is also provided if an ethernet connection is not available.


Like our legacy models, the IsoMist XS enhances the sample introduction environment to provide the conditions necessary for accurate and reproducible measurements for any ICP-OES or ICP-MS application. The compact design and customized kit allow the IsoMist XS to be compatible with virtually any ICP-OES or ICP-MS. The IsoMist XS is also the only temperature-controlled spray chamber that can offer cooling down to -25°C or heating up to +80°C in one single platform.




Replaces KT-1147-XR




20-809-4951: IsoMist XS Assembly (LOL)

21-809-4347: Twister Spray Chamber for IsoMist LOL V2 Extended Assembly

21-809-4350: PuraFlex Transfer Tube GAZ08-FB13-198

70-803-1990: IsoMist XS Ethernet cable

70-803-2135: USB to Ethernet donga

70-803-2136: Interchangeable Plugs Wall Power Adapter 12VDC / 5A


– order GAZ-04-90 for replacement drain tubing

– order 70-803-1439 for replacement Helix CT

– order 70-803-1456 for replacement Helix CT seals

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