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Deuterium lamp for Zeiss (Jena) Specord-Serie (192129)

Deuterium lamp for

Analytik Jena / Zeiss:

  • M 500,
  • Specol UV/VIS,
  • Specord S5 (UV/vis),
  • Specord S10 (UV/vis),
  • Specord S100 (UV/vis),
  • Specord S600,
  • Specord 40,
  • Specord 50,
  • Specord 200, 205,
  • Specord 210, 250,
  • Spekol 1100,
  • Spekol 1200.

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Product code: 192129
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Full product description

deuterium lamp (D2)

– 1000 hour lifespan guarantee

– most comprehensive product range

– high quality lamps with excellent value for money

– nearly every lamp has an electronic timer (RoHS compliant)


We also offer top quality DURANIUM lamps, which have 30% higher intensity, 2x longer life and are only 20-30% more expensive than standard deuterium discharge lamps.


OEM: 219.323, 820-60021-0, 820-60274-C


The copyright to the photo shown above is exclusively owned by DURATEC Analysentechnik GmbH, Rheinauer Strasse 4, D-68766 Hockenheim, Germany. Photos may not be distributed without prior consent.

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