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Contour Flared-end Viton Peristaltic Pump Tubing, 2 Bridged, 95mm

All tubes made from Fluran HC F-5500-A or equivalent.

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Producer: Glass Expansion
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Full product description

It can be quite difficult to insert the sample tubing into the peristaltic pump tubes. This is particularly so for pump tubing with a small ID. To facilitate this
connection, Glass Expansion supplies Contour flared-end pump tubing. The flared end of this pump tubing allows the larger capillary tubing to be inserted
into the smaller pump tubing.


All tubes made from Fluran HC F-5500-A or equivalent. Supplied in packs of 6 tubes.

No. of Tubes Per Pack: 6
Physical Properties: Thermoplastic, Fluorpolymerelastomer based material with plasticizer

Special Properties:
• Special tubing for concentrated acids and corrosive solvents

• High chemical resistance
• Wide temperature range
• Low gas permeability

• Limited service life


ID mm: 0.76 mm
Wall mm: 0.85 mm
Overall length: 175mm (95mm between tags)



VS0.76-BLK-95-F: Contour Flared End Viton Pump Tube 2tag (95mm) 0.76mm ID Black/Black (PKT 6)

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