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AFM tips ETALON series, HA_NC/50

AFM tips ETALON series without conductive or magnetic coating.

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Full product description

Chips and cantilevers of ETALON series cantilevers are manufactured from polycrystaline silicon, which allows for better controll of cantilever parameters (when compared to regulard cantilevers from monocrystaline silicon). This allows ETALON series to achieve low variance of resonance frequency (10% when compared to monocrystaline silicon tips) and force constant (20%). Monocrystaline tip is inserted into the polycrystaline cantilever, which means ETALON tips have the same tip diameter as polycrystaline silicon tips (guaranteed 10 nm) and have high aspect ration. There are two cantilevers on opposite sides of the chips with different resonance frequencies. Tips are also available with conductive or magnetic coatings.

Available variants:

HA_HR - for semicontact mode, typical resonance frequencies 380 / 230 kHz (variance 10%), force constants 34 / 17 N/m (variance 20%)

HA_NC - for semicontact mode, typical resonance frequencies 235 / 140 kHz (variance  10%), force constants 12 / 3,5 N/m (variance 20%)

HA_FM - for semicontact mode, typical resonance frequencies 114 / 77 kHz (variance 10%), force constants 6 / 3,5 N/m (variance 20%)

HA_C - for contact mode, typical resonance frequencies 37/ 19 kHz (variance 10%), force constants 0,65 / 26 N/m (variance  20%)

HA_CNC -for contact/force modulation mode, typical resonance frequencies  46 / 66 kHz (variance 10%), force constants 1,0 / 1,5 N/m (variance 20%)

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