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Matrix modifiers, ionization buffers and displacing agents from SCP Science (Canada) are made from metals and compounds of highest purity (99.999% pure - controlled by optical emission spectrometry), sub-boiling destilled acids and deionized water 18 Mohm (purity regularly controlled by ICP-MS). The solutions are certified using NIST SRM 3100 Spectrometric Standard Solutions. All solutions are supplied in HDPE Passport IP2 bottles made of high density polyethylene. The solutions are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis, with listed level of trace impurities (additional about 70 elements, ICP-MS analysis) and a Material Safety Data Sheet in accordance with Act. 356/2003 Coll.

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Matrix modifier Magnesium Nitrate

Matrix modifier Mg(NO3)2

Obj.kód: 140-003-031

Matrix modifier Palladium Nitrate 0,2%

Matrix modifier Pd(NO3)2

Obj.kód: 140-006-061

Matrix modifier Palladium Nitrate 2%

Matrix modifier Pd(NO3)2

Obj.kód: 140-006-091

Matrix modifier Palladium Chloride 0,1%

Matrix modifier PdCl2

Obj.kód: 140-052-461

Matrix modifier Palladium Chloride 1%

Matrix modifier PdCl2

Obj.kód: 140-062-461

Matrix modifier Calcium Nitrate

Matrix modifier Pd(NO3)2

Obj.kód: 140-003-121

Matrix modifier (NH4)2HPO4

Matrix modifier (NH4)2HPO4

Obj.kód: 140-003-151

Matrix modifier NH4NO3

Matrix modifier NH4NO3

Obj.kód: 140-003-181

Matrix modifier Nickel Nitrate

Matrix modifier NiNO3

Obj.kód: 140-003-211

Matrix modifier 0,3% Pd + 0,2% Mg

Matrix modifier NiNO3

Obj.kód: 140-003-191

Ionization buffer Cesium Chloride

Ionization buffer CsCl

Obj.kód: 140-003-241

Ionization buffer Cesium Nitrate

Ionization buffer CsNO3

Obj.kód: 140-003-271
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